Karibuni kwa komangamano la tano la Kimataifa la YALDA!

(Welcome to the 5th biennial YALDA International Conference!)


Josephine Njambi
Conference Chairperson, 2015

United States International University (USIU) and Youth Alliance for leadership and Development in Africa (YALDA) are honored to host you and look forward to welcoming you to Nairobi in July. We are really excited to host this year’s conference themed: What Africa Needs Now: Youth Creating Jobs, which will enable young people to develop as participants in the global economy and to provide them with the necessary skills and tools that will enable them to create enterprises and become effective employers.

As Africa continues to enjoy its second decade of phenomenal growth, growing concern is emerging on whether Africa can fully capitalize on this, especially given the growing numbers of unemployed youth of various cadres.  As young people, we believe that not only must we be beneficiaries of Africa’s growth, but we must also be contributors by generating and implementing ideas that propel the continent forward. We believe that we must also address the issue of growing unemployment among our fellow youth. It is time for us to stop waiting for “others” to create jobs for us!  We must seek out ways to create our own employment and see how we can employ our peers.

In line with the Nigeria 2012 Conference theme, Innovation and creativity for a better Africa: Implementing your dreams, with this year’s theme, we seek to facilitate a link between visionary young leaders together with distinguished professionals and dignitaries to work together to come up with concrete solutions that can be implemented across Africa.  We also emphasize that as these solutions are implemented to help build enterprises, they must also have the ripple effect of creating sustainable employment for youth. We are also pleased to introduce our ground-breaking e-participation platform that will allow delegates, who are unable to travel to Kenya primarily due to unpredictable travel restrictions imposed by Ebola or other unforeseen circumstances, to actively participate online. We believe that “No African youth should be left behind!”

I believe strongly that as African youth we must get the 5 P’s right:

  1. Get thePerspective right
  2. Get thePositioning right
  3. Get ourPlan right
  4. Participate
  5. Get thePower (resources and networks) to implement change

Join us as we seek to impart on this by forging strategies on youth creating jobs for themselves. As the youth this is our obligation to our beloved continent.

Let us continue on the journey to impel Africa to greatness!

We look forward to hosting you!

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